Falcon Group 1-Day CSU Course

We are pleased to announce that in response to customer feedback Falcon Group has added a 1-Day CSU course specifically for senior management, including investors.

The course director for the 1-Day and 3-Day classes is Alan Mills, CEO of Falcon Group.

The 3-Day course, aimed at project teams, folks new to CSU and from Operations, has been kept evergreen and continuously improved. It is packed with essential subject matter on Systems Completion, case studies and group learning exercises.

Classes can be organized for private CSU training and this is especially beneficial to a newly formed project team about to embark on the journey that is Systems Completion. If your project is just getting started, this would be an excellent time to contact MasterClass@GlobalFalcon.net and arrange a class.

To get the greatest benefit to your project we strongly recommend involving people from both sides of the fence, Client side as well as Contractor, in the same class of up to 12 people.

Public courses are arranged periodically throughout the year in Houston, UK, Nigeria, UAE and Kuala Lumpur / Singapore. For details, please check our website http://falconglobal.net

Each individual taking the CSU class will receive up to 30 mins of personal tuition, followed by the chance for take a multi-choice competency assessment test with written feedback on performance. The class concludes with presentation of certificates of achievement for everyone participating.

These are fun classes tackling vitally serious subject matter that is critical to the success of every project, conducted in a learning environment where every person taking part will benefit.

See the latest flyer here