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MasterClass CSU with API RP 1FSC is accredited by API-U, the American Petroleum Institute and approved by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), the UK’s largest industrial training provider.

MasterClass Series Online Training

MasterClass Series in Systems Completion and CSU with API RP 1FSC are a huge breakthrough for all professionals seriously interested in SC and CSU.

For the first time, you can now get formal, certified training online at Foundation, Advanced and Leadership levels at an affordable price point that represents excellent value for money.

Wherever you are in the world, onshore, offshore, at sea, in the jungle or desert, you can learn at your own pace, gaining the essential knowledge to advance your career and bring major benefits to your current project.

Buy courses separately or bundle together and save with time to time discounts!

MasterClass Online Foundation Course does 4 things:

  1. it equips you, the user, with in-depth knowledge of Systems Completion and an understanding of CSU activities/processes;
  2. it provides access to a huge amount of highly relevant supporting information;
  3. through certification from Global Falcon Americas, on request, we provide evidence to employers of a user’s competency in Systems Completion and knowledge of CSU processes; and
  4. through continual professional development and refresher training, users and companies can be confident levels of competency are maintained and improved upon.

These factors add value to you, your employer and each of the projects you, are engaged on.

These online courses are developed for you – please support us to help you in your career.

Just think of what this will bring in job opportunities when you are trained, qualified, licensed and certified in SC and CSU?

How much more value would this add to your reputation and performance?

Overall, the returns on investment are in performance improvement and enhancing process safety.

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Foundation Course in Systems Completion and CSU

This course will show you how to be successful in the defining phase of a project.
Did you know that from the perspective of an investor, it is the Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU) phase that defines the project as a success or failure?
When a project has been fully commissioned and started-up, it is likely the project will also be a financial success, with investors receiving their expected returns.
When a project has not been fully commissioned and is then started-up, it is highly unlikely the project could ever be a financial success. From an investor’s perspective, the project is a disaster.
Why don’t more people with many years of project experience already know this?
It could be because the training and education to build essential skills and knowledge has not been there, and for many Operators and Contractors, still doesn’t exist … until now.
This course answers crucially important questions and will highlight:

  • What is Commissioning?
  • What is Systems Completion?
  • When and how should Construction transition from Areas to Systems?
  • How should I perform as a CSU team member or stakeholder?
  • What does project Success or project Failure look like?
  • What are the Critical Success Factors for Commissioning & Start-Up?

You will obtain valuable insight to current performance, future outlook and best practices in the industry, with unrivaled networking opportunities.

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve successful CSU on any project
  • Justify a budget for CSU
  • Apply the Systemization process and formulate the Start-Up sequence of priority Systems
  • Perform Gap Analysis and know how to use the results
  • Plan and execute specialist off-site Pre-Commissioning
  • Persuade major stakeholders like Construction, to be successful in the CSU process
  • Attain higher standards of Process Safety in your company

The overall learning objective is for course followers to become knowledgeable in Systems Completion and familiar with vital strategies for the successful Commissioning and Start-Up of projects, on time and safely, embedded within the guidelines of API Recommended Practice, 1 FSC 1st Edition.

Organizational Impact
Commissioning & Start-Up is not well understood, other than by those that are practitioners, however the successful outcome of your project is entirely dependent on it being performed well. The training provided in this course is unique and will equip your employees with the essential skills they will need to actively participate in CSU or to knowledgeably support the process as a stakeholder, and attain higher standards of Process Safety.

Value Proposition to Employers
This training will cost a negligible amount in real terms, while adding value through attaining higher levels of Process Safety and creating the very real possibility of reducing risk, thus saving huge sums for your company, from now to the end of the project, and on successive projects.
At the same time, and at the very least, key stakeholders and project team members will learn absolutely essential skills in formal training for the first time. So, as a minimum, peoples’ communication and effectiveness will be massively enhanced, producing a significant dollar saving for efficiency. Then there is the added bonus that I invite those attending to discuss real events and situations in constructive dialogue that always leads to problem solving or resolving important issues. These are huge, real benefits that all other companies sending their employees to this course have experienced, and you should expect the same.

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is essential to Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Operators currently, or soon to be, involved in Systems Completion and Commissioning
  • This course is highly recommended to Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Operators stakeholder organizations, such as Construction, Operations, Engineering, QA/QC, Safety, supporting CSU on the project, you will gain valuable insight to your roles and other requirements imposed by this crucially important Discipline.

Course Certificate
Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement and Continuing Professional Development on completion.


Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Zenator Training Courses Online and Classroom-based

This course provides students with training in the use of Zenator, which by default is configured to be in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice for Facilities Systems Completion, Planning & Execution (API RP 1FSC). The course is approved by API-U, the American Petroleum Institute.

The course fee includes tuition, materials, royalties, refreshments and lunch each day per person.

On completion of the online registration form a confirmation email with joining instructions will be sent to each applicant. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-paid basis. Class size is limited to 12 and early registration is encouraged.

Information concerning hotel accommodations will be provided at the time of registration. To receive a course group room rate, reservations should be made directly with the hotel identifying yourself as a registrant of the Zenator Power User Training Course. Hotel rooms are limited and subject to availability.

On completing the course you will receive a certificate of achievement from Falcon Global Ltd bearing the API-U approved logo.

MasterClass CSU with API RP 1FSC
Zenator Power User Training

Substitutes/Cancellation Policy
Substitutes from the same company may attend in place of a confirmed registrant. A registrant may transfer without penalty to the next scheduled course 2 weeks prior to the course date. Cancellations made prior to 2 weeks of course date are subject to a $150 processing fee. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of course date are subject to a $300 processing fee. No shows, who do not provide prior cancellation notice, will forfeit 100% of the course fee.

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