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Welcome to MasterClass CSU Manager Training course by eLearning, including virtual tuition from your Instructor.  Tuition is required in order to demonstrate a satisfactory level of knowledge, obtain the minimum pass in quiz testing and progress to the next Course in MasterClass CSU Manager Online Training.

This is an advanced course covering in greater depth the important phases of Commissioning to initial project Start-Up of Onshore Process Plants and Offshore Production Facilities. It is in alignment with API RP 1FSC Recommended Practice for Facilities Systems Completion Planning and Execution, 1st Edition, published in July 2013.

If you are a Manager or Senior Engineer currently or soon to be, involved in Systems Completion and Commissioning, then this course will provide all the foundation knowledge you will need to be successful in your role.  For Senior Operators and Engineering Managers about to take a leadership role in Systems Completion through Commissioning and Start-Up, you will gain valuable insight to design requirements imposed by this crucially important Discipline.

The overall learning objective is for you to demonstrate knowledge in Systems Completion and be competent to apply vital strategies for successful Commissioning and Start-Up of projects.  The learning in this course will enable you to set out and know how to achieve project completion on time and safely, embedded within the guidelines of API Recommended Practice, 1 FSC 1st Edition.  The subject matter we will cover with a breakdown of the training agenda is:


  • What is Commissioning?
  • What is Systems Completion?
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • A Simplified Commissioning Logic
  • The Commissioning Approach

Commissioning Phases

Phase 1 – Preparation

  • Commissioning Manager
  • Scope Definition and Requirements of the Contract
  • Certification Process to Final Acceptance and Contract Exhibits
  • Satisfying Certifying Authority and Regulatory Requirements
  • Turnover Procedures to Final Acceptance
  • Developing a Completions Pyramid
  • Systemization Process and Tag Numbering
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Developing a Budget, Allowing for Growth
  • Commissioning Team Organization, Recruitment and Training
  • Auditing and Gap Analysis
  • Design Reviews, Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP 3) and Risk Analysis
  • Project Library, Documentation and the System Completions Database
  • Commissioning Documents to be Produced
  • Define Reporting Requirements
  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • Consumables, Chemicals, Commissioning Spares
  • Specialist Services, Leak Detection, Nitrogen Testing, Load Banks
  • Specific Offshore and Subsea Issues
  • Offices and Logistics

Phase 2 – Implementation

  • Progress Tracking, Reports and System Status
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Preservations
  • Cleaning and Drying Procedures
  • Checksheet Types
  • Discipline Checks
  • Maintainable Tagged Items, Production Critical and Safety Critical Tagged Items
  • Punch Listing and Types of Punch List Items (PLIs)
  • Construction Completion and Mechanical Completion
  • Static Commissioning, Function Testing and Pre-Commissioning
  • Pre-Commissioning Procedures
  • Leak Detection
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Pre-Start-Up Safety Review (PSSR) HAZOP4
  • Lessons Learned
  • Turnover Completion Packages aka Commissioning Dossiers or Workpacks
  • Handover to Operations

Phase 3 – Close Out

  • Pre-Introduction of Process Media and Hazardous Chemicals HAZOP 5
  • Completion of Commissioning Documentation
  • Recording “As Built” or “As Commissioned”
  • Certifying Authority and Regulatory Requirements
  • Operator Training and Competency Assessment
  • Lessons Learned
  • Assisting Operations, Troubleshooting and Debottlenecking
  • Close Out HAZOP 6
  • Demobilization Commissioning Team

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