Falcon Global

Falcon Global Ltd has worldwide operations and is operated from Houston, Texas, with support offices in Norwich and Belfast.

  Falcon Global Norwich

Created in 2000, Falcon Global has cemented its leadership position in the energy industry as a technology company and provider of specialist knowledge, with its Zenator Systems software applications, technical consultancy and training.

The company is operated from Houston, Texas, by its founder and Managing Director, Alan Mills, who is also CEO and President of Global Falcon Americas. Falcon Global operates worldwide, except in the Americas, while Global Falcon Americas supports customers in North, Central and South America.

Our business spans the provision of Zenator, automation software CMS and Asset Verification Management System, training courses in Systems Completion and CSU with API RP 1FSC and Zenator and technical consultancy with the provision of expert professional resources.

Falcon Global Belfast

The team in Northern Ireland have amassed a body of knowledge enabling them to design, build and develop the suite of software products we call Zenator Systems, then produce around 30 upgrades over a 10 year period. Today the team are engaged in leading edge developments to propel the use of mobile technology enabling new ways of working with greater productivity for our customers.