Zenator is a world-class asset verification, automation software, designed and built to give complete visibility, assurance and control throughout the project life cycle.  Our software has been successfully deployed on multiple projects worldwide in the energy and process industries, plus civil infrastructure projects.  See our track record of experience and customer list.

Where process safety is paramount, Zenator helps you complete your projects on time and safely, bringing you transparency, control and pinpoint accuracy in reporting.

Zenator’s unique and innovative features are Allocator, Launch and Reports Plus, with the mobile option of Walkdown Capture.

Walkdown Capture is a Windows 10 tablet app for the recording and clearing of Punch List Items, first introduced in 2010 on handheld devices and continuously improved since.

Walkdown Capture is also the foundation for Zenator Mobile (ZM), a cross-platform mobile app for completion of all field-based activities. Being developed in parallel to ZM is Zenator V4, a major overhaul of Zenator Check, the core app in Zenator Systems. Through digitization, V4 enables greater integration of engineering and management software products.

Zenator Systems are innovativeapplications enabling safe, timely completion of your projects. Zenator Systems is an Asset Verification Management System, designed by Falcon Global Ltd to help you successfully navigate the Systems Completion (SC) process through Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU). By default, Zenator is configured in accordance with API RP 1FSC.

Use Zenator for brownfield modifications where a Shutdown / Turnaround is needed to verify, track, report and control your projects.

Introducing Zenator Systems

Zenator was launched in November 2009 and has been continuous improved with over 30 upgrades.

Zenator Systems & MasterClass

Zenator enables you to better manage Construction, Mechanical Completions, Pre-Commissioning, Dynamic Commissioning, Start-Up, planning and executing Shutdowns, Turnarounds. Within these important activities, Zenator contains the knowledge and methodology to track and manage a subset of critical tasks that include, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Punch Listing, Preservation, Inhibits, Isolations and Management of Change. Whatever your workflow or certification process, Zenator adapts effortlessly to match your setup.

Zenator is available with various license models, from subscription service to Corporate License, depending on customer needs.

Zenator Live! is our highly secure, hosted service enabling rapid start-up for any new project, with significantly lower implementation costs, and negligible IT overhead in your organization.

Zenator Live!

For customers with multiple concurrent projects or corporate licensing requirements, Zenator can be hosted at the customer location.

Benefits Summary:

  • Real productivity gains, Achieved by greater efficiencies and smoother workflows bringing lower operating costs
  • Configurable work flows
  • Increased user-friendliness
  • Multi-language options
  • Paper-based, Paper-reducing and mobile technology
  • Supports paperless operations
  • Punch listing in the field
  • Digital Checksheets and Certificates
  • Reporting format options, including graphical and custom reports