Chevron’s Jack & St Malo offshore project

One of the genuine success stories we took an active and central role in was Chevron’s Jack & St Malo offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico, which came on-stream in 2016.  Zenator was the control tool in place from Design until Final Handover to Operations.  It is one of only a handful of projects where Zenator was used (by Chevron-trained specialists, not FGL Power Users or Super Users) in text book fashion to exercise full control over all Systems Completions activities, through Mechanical Completions, Pre-Commissioning, Dynamic Commissioning and Start-Up.  With so many moving parts and major risks to be mitigated at every turn, not least executing in a water-depth of nearly 1.5 miles to the seabed, JSM is rightly being hailed by Chevron as one of their great successes.

Zenator needed to have great resilience, high reliability and superb performance to satisfy the requirements of an understandably demanding mega project.  We can be very proud that Zenator rose to the tasks and was central to the success of JSM.